As the Jewish New Year, 5775, begins, I start thinking about Yom Kippur. 5774 (2014) has not been kind to me so far. I’m very lucky that a few things have gone right.
But some things haven’t. I lost my father, Charles Goldberg, in March. Before that, I was hit with some catastrophic events that I can’t even talk about right now. I admit that some of them were my fault, and I hope I learned something from them.
1) If a guy says “okay” or “you’re okay” or any form of “okay,” it’s probably not.
2) Nobody notices what I do—until I don’t do it or until I make a mistake (or five).
3) It’s all part of the conspiracy or if anything can go wrong, it will. (I have to give credit to my friend, Greg, for the part about the conspiracy.
4) Remember your sense of humor, keep it funny unless you hurt somebody (which I try not to do).

I saw a quote on Pinterest and it’s on my Jewish Holidays board if you want to see it. Somehow, it fits what I’m trying to say. So to my mom, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.:
“To those I may have wronged, I ask forgiveness.
To those I may have helped, I wish I did more.
To those I neglected to help, I ask for understanding.
To those who helped me: I sincerely thank you so much!
Love and peace to you all!


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