Snippet Sunday 11/30, Jay Galloway’s Day Off

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for awhile — things are absolutely crazy and not in a good way. It’s hard for me to talk about and I’m taking things one minute at a time because that’s all I can do. I survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday which for me is a huge accomplishment at this time of year. I’ve had some really bad Thanksgivings, especially recently.

I started a new short story (actually two but I’ve written more for this one so far). Here’s the snippet. It’s kind of a sequel to “More Than Just a Dog,” but not. I got the idea when I was at my parents’ old house doing what Raven’s doing. It’s REALLY raw.

I pull into the driveway of my childhood friend, Raven Wolf’s, parents’ old house. She walks out to meet me, her red hair coming loose from the scrunchy she wore. The last couple of years have taken their toll on her since she’s got to work two (and sometimes three) jobs to help pay for her parents’ nursing home care, get their house ready to sell, and plan her wedding to Mateo Gervaise, manager of the Cincinnati Red Wolves.
She settles into the leather seat in the back of my Yukon Denali. I’m a cab driver for the Orient Cab Company, and me, Raven and Brad Harrison are in a band called Jay & the Cincinnatians. Maybe you’ve heard of us? I haven’t driven my cab for about a week because it needs a new motor, to the tune of sixteen hundred dollars. Of course, this problem comes right at the worst time. Me and my wife, Reese, are expecting our first kid and it’s giving us trouble already. It’s two weeks late making its arrival.

Any feedback is appreciated. If the conspiracy allows, I’ll be back next week.


13 responses to “Snippet Sunday 11/30, Jay Galloway’s Day Off

  1. Lots of info in there and nice details.

  2. Interesting snippet, lots of information. Can’t wait to read more … and well done on using first person POV.

  3. Welcome back, Nancy!

    I like the patter and the setting, here. Go, Cincinnati! 🙂

  4. Interesting, cab drivers make great protagonists! funny how the child is already trouble 🙂

  5. Great introduction of characters. Can’t wait for more. 🙂

  6. Wonderful detail. Enjoyed the snippet. 🙂 And Welcome back!

  7. Seems like a promising start to me.

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