And the award goes to…

Nutsie Nan Awards 2015
The food for my Oscar party will probably not be very good since I haven’t worked in seven months. As always, you don’t need a tux or designer gown (I can’t afford a designer gown anyway). There will be plenty of w(h)ine! This year, I’m combining the Famous Lines of 2014 with the Nutsie Nan Awards. Without further ado, the award goes to…
Perfect Attendance: Greg M.
Best Actor in a Silent Film: Greg M.
Best Picture: Untitled
Best Actor in a Comedy: Greg M.
Best Actress in a Drama: Nutsie Nan Honorable Mention: Tess T. R.
Best Original Song: “Galloway’s Dog” by Jay & the Cincinnatians
Best Music: Jay & the Cincinnatians
Best Animal: Sesame the Basenji Dog
Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Parents and Fake Parents: Marian Goldberg and the late Charlie Goldberg
No award for best costumes because I couldn’t afford them this year
Best documentary: “Red is the New Black”—A Day in the Life of Jay Galloway
Special Award for Putting up with Nutsie Nan—Marian Goldberg and all of my friends
Best Gossips and Tattletales—Nutsie Nan’s neighbors and Melvin’s Handyman Service (name changed to protect the guilty)

Famous lines of 2014
5) GM: “It’s gonna snow 3200 inches and there will be 1000 inches of ice.” “He’s more negative than I am!” –The late Clifford F. W.
4) “My life is over, Greg!”—Nutsie Nan
3) NL: “It’s Greg’s birthday.” Marian G.— “Well, I’m not sending him anything.”
2) “It’s all part of the conspiracy.”—Greg M.
1) “I’ve got things to do.” –Dan D.

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