Snippet Sunday 2/22–she needs to see him…in the nude

Okay, I’m trying again to get back in the swing…don’t know how long this will last…just taking it a minute at a time. Happy Birthday to my ex-boss and George Washington!

Continuing last week’s snippet from my WIP which now has a title, “Fools Fall in Love.” I skipped a couple of paragraphs. Malia is waiting for Carson, a reporter on staff at the Morganville Weekly Banner who’s her employee, to show up.

Again, any comments are appreciated! Thanks to all for help and suggestions last week!

“I didn’t know you were timing me, boss.” Carson Finney’s smooth voice boomed across the room. As he signed in, Malia stared at him. Punctual, he wasn’t, but she had to admit that he was good-looking. He was at least six foot two with straight black hair and a hint of stubble on his face. Those huge brown eyes practically made her swoon. She adored every inch of his muscular form. She wanted to ask him out, but as owner, her mom had enforced a no dating policy for the staff.
Life on the docks had been gray, poor and depressing, so now Malia surrounded herself with bright colors. She always had a bouquet of flowers in her office, and made a habit of pinning one to whatever outfit she had on.
“Carson, I need to see you,” she said.
In the nude…in my bedroom…She thought the words she wanted to say.

23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 2/22–she needs to see him…in the nude

  1. Oh the trouble we would all be in if we spoke our more private thoughts. Luckily, she didn’t, or that might be an awkward meeting. Or, who knows? Maybe it would have turned out how she wanted it to.

    Nice snippet.

  2. Nice description, inner thoughts and set up of conflict. You did a lot in this snippet.
    (And my apologies for taking so long to return your comment on my post)

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