Snippet Sunday 3/22–A Passover-y snippet

Apologies for late comments, I got sidetracked last week and was also exhausted when I came home from working at the day job. Hope to comment on this week’s snippets tonight or tomorrow.
Continuing on with Carson and Malia’s story…any comments are much appreciated…trying to get this done, but moving like a turtle on everything…it’s more than 8 sentences, computer wouldn’t let me cut…
She was starving, too. If she were home, she’d be starting dinner right about now. She saw the box of crackers sitting on Carson’s table. “Do you mind if I…”
“Be my guest.” Carson handed her the oddest looking cracker she’d ever seen. Crackers were supposed to be small and square or round. This was one big cracker, about the shape of an eight by ten piece of paper.
“What kind of cracker is this?”
“It’s matzo.”
“What’s matzo?”
“Unleavened bread. The Jewish people ate it when they…do you mean to tell me you haven’t seen the movie ‘The Ten Commandments?’”
Malia shook her head.
“And you don’t know the story of Passover?”
“Vaguely. I haven’t been to church in years.”
Carson regarded her with his keen blue eyes. Then he began to speak in a radio-announcer voice. “I’m no Charlton Heston, and I’m not Jewish, but…this is the bread of affliction which are forefathers ate in the land of Egypt…”
Malia had to laugh at his impersonation of Charlton Heston.


Snippet Sunday 3/14–warm me up

I finished the love scene for Malia and Carson’s story. I thought the book was almost finished but now I realize there are a few things I left out.

Continuing on from last week’s snippet of “Fools Fall in Love” (working title), Carson and Malia are stuck at work and now she’s cold…any feedback is much appreciated…

Carson inched closer to her. “Are you cold?” He looked her over from her pink cardigan to her pink and white Oxford kitten heels.
“A little. I wore this outfit, and I’m freezing.”
Carson frowned. “You wouldn’t have gotten very far in those shoes. And…” He removed his flannel shirt and gently wrapped it around her. It smelled like clean laundry and citrus soap. “Does that take the chill off?”
“Yeah,” Malia said, sending him a smile. He had no idea how much the idea of wearing his shirt took the chill off. She was starving, too. If she were home, she’d be starting dinner right about now.

Snippet Sunday, 3/8–Stranded

Continuing on with my WIP, “Fools Fall in Love.” Last week, Malia and Carson were about to leave work when the power went out. Real life gave us a pretty bad snowstorm here in Ohio last week and gave me an adventure getting to work in my friend’s truck with my bad knee. Here’s what happens next to Malia and Carson:

Carson rushed back in, a concerned look on his face when he saw that she was staring at her Smart Phone. “I couldn’t even get out of the parking lot,” he said. “It’s terrible walking and my car…”
“The power’s out all over Washington County. What should we do?”
“I guess we’d better stay here. I can take some pictures and we can run with it for this week’s edition. My camera’s in the car.”
“What if somebody sees us?”
“I think most everybody left. Besides, if I’m taking pictures, I’m actually working, and you could write up a story about the weather, so we wouldn’t be dating.” He raised his black eyebrows. “There are a lot better ways to spend the evening than stuck here with you, believe me.”
“I know.” A hint of a smile crossed his face. “Don’t worry, Malia. I hate you!”
Malia gave an involuntary shudder, but not because of what he’d said. If he had added “now take off your clothes” to his “I hate you,” she might have complied. Maybe nobody would see him, but he was making it awfully hard to ignore her fantasies.
All feedback is greatly appreciated.