Snippet Sunday, 6/28, “Taming Toby”–he gets allergic smelling hay

This has been another crazy week. My mom is back from the hospital, but when I went to visit her, she was awfully quiet. I’m hoping it’s just the meds she’s been on because that isn’t like her. Once again, I thank everyone for their support. I’m continuing on from last week when Toby stopped to visit his dad and sister at the double wide.
The kitty has a new name, Smokey Joe. Any comments on the snippet would be appreciated. I’m also working on updates for “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” So watch for them—they will be “new and improved.” (I hope)
Zoe wrinkled her nose. “Jamie Morgan? Have you forgotten what happened when I went to a hayride with her brother?”
Toby hadn’t remembered that his sister had gone out with Jonah for a hayride sponsored by Beth Jacob Synagogue’s Youth Group. It was easy to lose his memory since he hadn’t set foot inside a synagogue for at least ten years.
When he didn’t say anything, Zoe spoke. “Jonah sneezed almost the whole night. He was allergic to hay.”
“Well, I’m not planning on taking Jamie on any hayrides.” Or anywhere else when she finds out I’m from the “wrong side of the tracks.”


Snippet Sunday, 6/20/15, “Taming Toby,” Happy Father’s Day

This has been a crazy week. My mom went into the hospital on Wednesday, but is back at the nursing home as of yesterday. Like I said, it was crazy and scary and all kinds of moments in between. I thank everyone for their support. Since today is Father’s Day, I’ve skipped ahead in Toby and Jamie’s story to the scene where we meet Toby’s dad, Arnie Michaelson, for the first time. This is really raw because I really just finished this scene, which I dedicate this to my dad, Charles Goldberg, who passed away March 30, 2014. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
I’m not sure about the cat’s name. His name was Pouncer in the original version, but I’m just not feeling it. Any comments on the snippet and cat name suggestions would be appreciated.
Between watching Pouncer, looking for more abandoned animals and trying not to think about the off-limits Jamie Morgan, Toby stopped by his dad’s double wide manufactured home. His dad, Arnie, lounged comfortably on an over-stuffed faux leather sofa watching TV. His sister, red-headed Zoe, offered Arnie some homemade fudge.
Toby swiped a piece of Zoe’s fudge, too, thinking of Jamie’s voice when she said she wanted to adopt the rescued kitten.
“Hey!” Zoe said, when a commercial came on. “I made that for me and dad!”
“Sorry, sis, but I love your fudge. Besides, I need it. I met someone tonight.”
Zoe green eyes scrutinized him with sixteen-year-old curiosity. “Really?”
Toby reached for another piece of chocolate fudge, smacking his lips appreciatively as he ate it in a couple of bites. “Don’t you think your decrepit old brother is capable of meeting an eligible young lady?”
Zoe and her dad reached for the last piece of chocolate goodness at the same time. She let Arnie have it. “You don’t have time for love.”
“For Jamie Morgan, I’d make time.”

Snippet Sunday, 6/14/15–“Taming Toby” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless”

I have two snippets today because tomorrow, June 15, would have been my 35th wedding anniversary. 35 years—wow that seems like a long time. Plus I knew my husband for seven years before that. He was the best! I’ve based several characters on him in my years of writing. The most memorable was from a book I wrote that was sold, but never published since the company I sold it to went out of business. He was Jimmy Morgan, the hero of “Eagle’s Lady.” He was a Scorpio, had dyslexia, left his small town home in Maine to work on a ship, and was Ellie Morgan’s childhood friend, which led to consequences when he returned home and found that Ellie is engaged.

The other hero who was based on Jon is Scotty Caldwell, hero of “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” and “Tasteless Holidays.” Here’s a snippet from “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” Since it would have been our anniversary, I chose a snippet from Jay Galloway’s wedding…Jay’s sister, Lorrie, is upset because the bride’s maid of honor is talking about how hunkalicious Scotty is. This book is available on Amazon, but I might be updating it in the future…
Lorrie looked up and straight into the eyes of the object of Mallory’s horniness, Scotty Caldwell. Scotty was a fine-looking man, with light brown hair and merry blue eyes.
“Scotty? What are you doing here? We’re all trying to get dressed. Jay isn’t with you, is he?”
“No,” Scotty said. “There’s a problem.” He spoke in a whisper that Lorrie found sexy because he still had his New York accent, although he’d lived in Ohio for years. The man knew how to make her act like a blithering idiot. “Reverend Thomas is sick. Reese is trying to find somebody else, but she’s having trouble. I called my boss, Judge Sherman, and I’m waiting to hear back from him. He might be able to officiate.”

And for all you Toby and Jamie fans, here’s the next snippet for “Taming Toby.” By the way, Jamie is the great-granddaughter of Jimmy Morgan. I skipped ahead a little and this is told from Toby’s POV. Any feedback is very much appreciated.
She’s out of my league. Toby Michaelson tried to concentrate on the cat Jamie Morgan had found. On her parents’ boat. That alone should have sent warning bells off in his head.
It didn’t. The lovely Jamie, tall and slender, with wavy blonde hair and intuitive brown eyes sent his attraction level into big time overdrive. He kept his attention on the cat, ministering to the bite on his foot. He gave the cat antibiotic with an eye dropper. “I’ll keep giving him this. The bite’s infected, but the torn ear might be an old injury. I don’t see any blood, so he may have had this for a while.”
“Poor baby,” Jamie said, rubbing the cat’s soft fur. Toby was suddenly jealous of the very lucky kitty. He had to remind himself once again that Jamie’s last name was Morgan ipso facto, she wasn’t the woman for him.

Snippet Sunday, 6/7/15, more about Toby, “Taming Toby”

More from my re-written WIP, “Taming Toby.” I’ve tried to post this but the stupid, stupid, stupid computer isn’t cooperating. I realized this week that since this is the prequel to “Tempting Jonah,” which was pub;ished in 1999, this takes place in the same time period. I don’t want to deviate from that too much because I’m also working on a book about Toby and Jamie’s younger brother, Seth, all grown up that takes place present day.

Here’s the snippet–any feedback is much appreciated!

The man was tall, with auburn hair and soulful green eyes. He wore jeans and a T-shirt that said “The Zero Hour” on it. He looked friendly and easy to talk to—like someone she could tell about the problems on Pinewood’s Monterey unit today. She could picture herself leaning against those strong, broad shoulders and…
She glanced down at the cat. “I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be thinking about you, as well as my human patients. I just got pre-occupied.” She certainly wasn’t interested in leaning against the broad shoulders of a green-eyed handsome man. She looked straight into those eyes, speaking in the authoritative voice she used at Pinewood. “You’re Dr. Toby Michaelson? You run the Mensocket Veterinary Clinic?”
“This is only one part,” Dr. Michaelson said, standing on the deck of a small houseboat. “I have a regular clinic on Main Street near the hospital.”