Snippet Sunday, 6/7/15, more about Toby, “Taming Toby”

More from my re-written WIP, “Taming Toby.” I’ve tried to post this but the stupid, stupid, stupid computer isn’t cooperating. I realized this week that since this is the prequel to “Tempting Jonah,” which was pub;ished in 1999, this takes place in the same time period. I don’t want to deviate from that too much because I’m also working on a book about Toby and Jamie’s younger brother, Seth, all grown up that takes place present day.

Here’s the snippet–any feedback is much appreciated!

The man was tall, with auburn hair and soulful green eyes. He wore jeans and a T-shirt that said “The Zero Hour” on it. He looked friendly and easy to talk to—like someone she could tell about the problems on Pinewood’s Monterey unit today. She could picture herself leaning against those strong, broad shoulders and…
She glanced down at the cat. “I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be thinking about you, as well as my human patients. I just got pre-occupied.” She certainly wasn’t interested in leaning against the broad shoulders of a green-eyed handsome man. She looked straight into those eyes, speaking in the authoritative voice she used at Pinewood. “You’re Dr. Toby Michaelson? You run the Mensocket Veterinary Clinic?”
“This is only one part,” Dr. Michaelson said, standing on the deck of a small houseboat. “I have a regular clinic on Main Street near the hospital.”


21 responses to “Snippet Sunday, 6/7/15, more about Toby, “Taming Toby”

  1. Interesting set up, Nancy. 🙂

  2. I beg to differ with her. I think she is interested in leaning against those broad shoulders.

  3. She’s trying to deny it, P.T., but…
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Yeah… PT has it right. Try and deny it as she will, she’s definitely interested. Poor kitty though… It knows it’s not the center of attention at the moment. 😉

  5. Great introduction… you’ve left yourself a lot of options to work with. It’ll be interesting to see which way you’ve chosen.

  6. Enjoyed the snippet, love broad shoulders 🙂 !

  7. The more she denies it, the more she’s going to find she does in fact want to lean against him. Lol.

  8. Interesting snippet, Nancy.

  9. chellecordero

    Green eyes and broad shoulders, yummm. Dr. Toby Michaelson sure sounds like one sexy veterinarian.

  10. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Oh, go ahead and lean against the broad-shoulder, green-eyed handsome man. lol Enjoyed the snippet.

  11. It sounds like he has a lot of work on his plate.

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