Snippet Sunday, 6/14/15–“Taming Toby” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless”

I have two snippets today because tomorrow, June 15, would have been my 35th wedding anniversary. 35 years—wow that seems like a long time. Plus I knew my husband for seven years before that. He was the best! I’ve based several characters on him in my years of writing. The most memorable was from a book I wrote that was sold, but never published since the company I sold it to went out of business. He was Jimmy Morgan, the hero of “Eagle’s Lady.” He was a Scorpio, had dyslexia, left his small town home in Maine to work on a ship, and was Ellie Morgan’s childhood friend, which led to consequences when he returned home and found that Ellie is engaged.

The other hero who was based on Jon is Scotty Caldwell, hero of “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” and “Tasteless Holidays.” Here’s a snippet from “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” Since it would have been our anniversary, I chose a snippet from Jay Galloway’s wedding…Jay’s sister, Lorrie, is upset because the bride’s maid of honor is talking about how hunkalicious Scotty is. This book is available on Amazon, but I might be updating it in the future…
Lorrie looked up and straight into the eyes of the object of Mallory’s horniness, Scotty Caldwell. Scotty was a fine-looking man, with light brown hair and merry blue eyes.
“Scotty? What are you doing here? We’re all trying to get dressed. Jay isn’t with you, is he?”
“No,” Scotty said. “There’s a problem.” He spoke in a whisper that Lorrie found sexy because he still had his New York accent, although he’d lived in Ohio for years. The man knew how to make her act like a blithering idiot. “Reverend Thomas is sick. Reese is trying to find somebody else, but she’s having trouble. I called my boss, Judge Sherman, and I’m waiting to hear back from him. He might be able to officiate.”

And for all you Toby and Jamie fans, here’s the next snippet for “Taming Toby.” By the way, Jamie is the great-granddaughter of Jimmy Morgan. I skipped ahead a little and this is told from Toby’s POV. Any feedback is very much appreciated.
She’s out of my league. Toby Michaelson tried to concentrate on the cat Jamie Morgan had found. On her parents’ boat. That alone should have sent warning bells off in his head.
It didn’t. The lovely Jamie, tall and slender, with wavy blonde hair and intuitive brown eyes sent his attraction level into big time overdrive. He kept his attention on the cat, ministering to the bite on his foot. He gave the cat antibiotic with an eye dropper. “I’ll keep giving him this. The bite’s infected, but the torn ear might be an old injury. I don’t see any blood, so he may have had this for a while.”
“Poor baby,” Jamie said, rubbing the cat’s soft fur. Toby was suddenly jealous of the very lucky kitty. He had to remind himself once again that Jamie’s last name was Morgan ipso facto, she wasn’t the woman for him.


18 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 6/14/15–“Taming Toby” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless”

  1. It sounds like you’ve found many happy memories to hold on to and give new life via your stories, Nancy. Toby needs to pay closer attention to some things it seems though… Looks like trouble a-brewing.

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