Snippet Sunday, 7/5/15. #1 Taming Toby–Jamie’s kitty

Here’s snippet #1 for all you Toby and Jamie fans—we’re back in Jamie’s POV—she’s going to see Toby again and pick up her new kitten. I found a big mistake in last week’s snippet—Zoe’s age, so I’ll have to change it. Re-writes, re-writes…
I might have gone over here, but otherwise, it ended in a weird spot. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Jamie returned to the floating vet clinic the next evening. After work she’d stopped at Blatt’s Food Emporium and gotten supplies she needed for a kitten. All the cat supplies were in the back of her car. She walked to Toby’s clinic where he was waiting on deck.
“He’s all ready for you,” Toby said. Jamie looked into his emerald eyes. She inhaled the scent of clean laundry and soap as she stepped closer to retrieve the feline. “Have you picked out a name yet?”
Jamie sighed and took the kitten from him, not missing the warmth when their hands touched. “No. I’m stuck. My great-grandma Ellie had a cat named Major Gregory and I thought about naming him that, but I also like Captain Ramage…”
“Another sea novel character?” Jamie nodded. Toby looked at the cat, and then at Jamie. “Maybe I can help. You can’t just call him ‘hey, you,’ right?”
“No.” She couldn’t help looking at Toby. She loved his auburn hair and the taut muscles that stretched across his tall frame. He wore a T-shirt that said “Immediate Pleasures,” jeans and brown work boots.


12 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 7/5/15. #1 Taming Toby–Jamie’s kitty

  1. I don’t know — I think “Hey you” works well for a name for a kitten. (“Hey, you little cutie.” “Hey! You get out of that!” “Hey, you! Eat your own breakfast and leave mine alone.”)

  2. Can’t wait to find out what kitty’s name is going to be. I have to say, I like the way you described the guy, and his T-shirt made me chuckle. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Linda–it’s the name of his band. My late husband made up the name of the band from a song of the same name. Now that he’s gone, my part-time musician characters have names like Jay & the Cincinnatians. One more reason I miss my husband.

  3. The t-shirt phrase is a nice touch considering what she is thinking about. LOL! I hope the kitty gets a cute name. I’m sure they’ll come up with something creative.

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