Snippet Sunday 9/6–Jay’s musical reference

This week’s snippet is from the updated version of my novella, “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” Hopefully, it, and my updated version of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny<” will be available on Amazon. As always, any feedback is much appreciated. This has been edited to fit the line limit.

I cuss her fiancé out under my breath and pull the van into an alley near the condo. I take a deep breath, counting to ten. “What?”
Me and my best friend, Scotty, have been looking after Lorrie since the day she was born. When Dad died, and then Mom a few years later, I’d had to take over. I’d worked extra jobs to make sure Lorrie went to beauty school like she wanted and I’d joined the army and gone to Iraq, then gotten married, and then divorced. I thought Lorrie would be the one who’d have a happy marriage soon, and Hugh could definitely give her a good life. I should have known better. Just when you think everything’s perfect, the conspiracy comes along and snows on your parade.
Lorrie’s sniffles have turned into full-blown sobs. “He was with somebody else named Claudette…
“Claudette was the name of Roy Orbison’s first wife.” I wrap my arms around Lorrie and hug her close. Why I’d made a musical reference just then, I have no idea.


10 responses to “Snippet Sunday 9/6–Jay’s musical reference

  1. I love the non-sequitur about Roy Orbison’s first wife. It adds a lot of realism to the scene — not knowing wht to say so just saying whatever comes to mind.

    • Thanks for reading, P.T. I was listening to the song “Claudette” while I was writing this and suddenly the woman Hugh cheated on Lorrie with ended up with that name and Jay was talking about Roy Orbison’s first wife.

  2. I would blame that reference on nervousness. It’s good that she has someone to take care of her.

  3. I agree with those above, the music reference is a nice touch of realism. I have to feel for them though, nothing good ever seems to last or happen. I hope they get a break soon.

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Loved the music reference, too. Enjoyed the snippet.

  5. chellecordero

    strange things come to mind when you don’t know quite what to say.

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