Snippet Sunday, 9/13/14, Lorrie wants to be happy

As I write this blog, I am getting ready to celebrate the Jewish New Year. I’ll be cooking and visiting my mom and going to services. I think about forgiveness and the Day of Atonement, that comes ten days after the Jewish New Year. Since this blog is called “Laugh with Me,” I won’t get too serious here.

This snippet takes up where last week’s left off. It’s still in Jay’s POV…

“Don’t worry about it. I’m going upstairs and tell Hugh Warner that…”
Lorrie looks me straight in the eye. “No. That’ll just make things worse. I’ll be okay.” She smiles, as if trying to convince herself, as well as me. “I should’ve seen the signs. Sometimes he really got on my nerves like if I cracked up over something you or Scotty said or if I sang too loud when I was at the condo. He hated it when I sang because he didn’t want the neighbors to hear. I may not have a voice like yours, but I am in the choir at church and I like to sing. And he said I couldn’t have a dog or a cat when we got married. Music and animals make me happy. Why wouldn’t Hugh want me to be happy?”


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