Snippet Sunday, 9/20/15, End of the prologue

I know Hugh can’t hear me. He’s probably warm and cozy, sitting by his marble fireplace, counting his money. I holler at him anyway. “Y’know, you’re just lucky Lorrie stopped me from coming up there and punching in the nose, you SOB! Besides, I have to get back to work since I don’t have a trust fund! Some people have to work for a living.” And some of us work two jobs. I drive a cab for the Orient Cab Company, and in my spare time, play guitar and sing with my band, Jay & the Cincinnatians.
After my rant, I turn to Lorrie. She still has a few tears running down her face. “Do you want to go to the concert so the night won’t be a total loss?”
“Can you just take me home?”
I glance at my watch. I still have a few more hours before the concert starts and my band mates were setting up until I got back. “Sure, honey, but you shouldn’t be by yourself tonight. Y’know?”
“I’ll probably just go to bed early.”
“Okay. I love you, Sis.”
“I love you more.”
Her voice is shaky when she talks. I have the feeling it’ll be a long time before she’s back to “normal.”


19 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 9/20/15, End of the prologue

  1. I don’t know about shouldn’t be by herself tonight. I think that if something like that happened to me “by myself” is exactly where I’d want to be. (Along with a gallon of ice cream, a spoon, and a pen and notebook to plot slow painful deaths for the ex and his floozy.)

  2. She’s upset and maybe she should be with people who can help take care of her, Hugh sounds like the type of guy who might feel blameless and go after her. Very intriguing.

  3. Hi Nancy! I sure have missed you, but I haven’t been able to keep up with blogs too much. I’m trying to get two books out before Thanksgiving.

    Is this a snippet from a published work or something new you’re working on? I really enjoy Jay and the characters surrounding him. I plan to finish reading all of your works when things slow down for me.

    Hope you are well!

    1. Great to hear from you, Maddie–thanks for the positive feedback about Jay and Co. I understand about trying to get things done–I’ve been trying to do that myself. This snippet is from the update I’m doing for “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” Some of the readers didn’t like Lorrie or Scotty and had some problems with the book, so I’m updating it.

      Hope things are going great for you!

      1. Thanks for the feedback, P.T. I would probably want the same thing. I think Lorrie will listen to depressing songs and definitely eat the ice cream. Maybe she should stop and get some (with hot fudge, of course) on the way home.

  4. I’m with P.T. on this one! Alone and by myself is where I would want to be, too. Or maybe in front of a punching bag with a picture of his face on it. (No I do not have a short temper, why do you ask? LOL)

    However, I can’t help but think by that last sentence: is there ever such a thing as “normal”? This doesn’t sound like it’s a good normal for Lorrie.

    1. Thanks for reading, Daelyn–I like the punching bag idea’–I think I’m going to get one with a picture of my laptop on it–LOL! Or a dart board with Hugh’s picture on it for Lorrie. It’s definitely not a good normal, but Jay might be able to use his sense of humor to cheer her up–for a little while anyway.

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