Snippet Sunday, 10/18, back to the wedding

I’ve skipped a little of the dialogue for this snippet. Lorrie just told her brother’s best friend, Scotty, that she’s in love with him and Scotty went to get her out of the restroom at the reception hall at her brother’s wedding.

Scotty’s pretty strong. He’s tall and muscular, and slim and handsome. He looks even better all dressed up in his light gray tux. We’ve been friends since we were kids and no maid of honor can change that.
Reluctantly, I open the door. “I’m only coming out here because of Jay. I love him more than anything and… I want him to be happy.”
“Sure,” Scotty says, taking my hand and leading me downstairs to the reception hall. He gives me a wide, easy grin as we head into the hall.

17 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 10/18, back to the wedding

  1. Good scene. You nailed the feel of an aside at a party– we’ve all been there, in the bathroom, freaking out over one thing or another at the big event. Emotions always run high in these situations.

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