Snippet Sunday-12-20-Van & Garrett

I know I promised more of Lorrie and Scotty’s “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” re-write, but I’m on deadline to get this one finished—it will be the last in my alter ego, Vi LaNance’s, R-rated romantic comedy “Disguise” series. This is from “Geek in Disguise.”


Vanessa (Van) Brown walked up to the door of the white clapboard Victorian home, expecting to hear the “Addams Family” theme song any minute. There were leaves and branches all over the house and sidewalk leading up to it. The windows were dirty and the pretty house seemed kind of neglected. The wooden steps had creaked when she’d walked up to the door.

Of course, she was there to help the owner take care of those pets, not judge them on how their house looked. She loved her business, Lovely Daughter’s Pet Caregivers. She’d gotten to know lots of people—and their animals. She knocked on the door, wondering how this particular job would pan out.



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