Snippet Sunday 12/27–Garrett

More from “Geek in Disguise.” This has been edited to fit the line limit. Any feedback is much appreciated—I’m trying to get this done so I can send it to the publisher. “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” fans—my re-write got put on the back burner so I can finish this.


No one answered, but she heard dogs barking from inside. She tried the doorbell and heard its loud ring.

A slender, black-haired man with warm brown eyes hidden behind black glasses answered. His dogs, a black and white sheepadoodle puppy, and a fully grown gold and white Shetland sheepdog, followed on his heels.

“Garrett Berkowitz?”

“Ms. Brown?”

“You can call me Vanessa. Or Van.”

He opened the door, motioning for her to come in with a swing of his slim arm. The living room was homey, with hard wood floors, a comfy-looking tan sofa and white overstuffed chairs. The Shetland sheepdog made himself at home, sitting right on top of Van’s feet. The puppy went straight to Garrett.

Van appraised the man who had requested her help. He seemed the old-fashioned  professor type, probably because of the brown wing-tip shoes and glasses. Van figured him as her complete opposite. She played in a garage band, Van and the Sheepdogs, on the weekends, and was kind of a free spirit.


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