SnippetSunday Garrett’s POV

More from “Geek in Disguise,” this time from Garrett’s POV. I’ve moved ahead—Van had a mishap with the dogs, who took her for a walk along the muddy creek bed in Garrett’s backyard. Garrett feels bad, so offers to wash and dry her clothes while she takes a shower. I might have gone over the 10-line limit. Any feedback is appreciated…

From the time Garrett Berkowitz pedaled his blue bicycle to his job at the Cincinnati Observatory, to the time he arrived home, he questioned his judgment at leaving the boys with Vanessa Brown. Especially when he found them dragging her along the muddy creek bed. Sure, she’d come highly recommended. He felt bad about leaving Neptune and Jupiter alone all day, and her dog-sitting and walking service seemed like the perfect solution.
Not to mention, she was very pretty. She had shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and blue-green eyes that sparkled whenever she spoke.
Garrett pushed those thoughts away. She was his complete opposite. She’d teased him about being serious. It appeared that she never worried at all. As long as she never discovered one of his troubles, they’d be okay.
Come on, Garrett. You have to trust her. Don’t do this to yourself.
He couldn’t help but remember the last serious relationship he’d had. His girlfriend hadn’t understood that he was dyslexic. So they’d broken up, leaving Garrett with a broken heart and a lack of confidence in the opposite sex.


Snippet Sunday,1/3,Dogs

Today, January 2, would have been my parents’ 66th anniversary. They met at my mom’s best friend’s wedding. I am planning a Chanukah short story collection that spans three generations. The hero, Noah, and the heroine, Rachelle, of the first story, are loosely based on my mom and dad. I don’t have anything written yet, but I do have the next snippet for “Geek in Disguise,” which I’m trying to finish. Here, we meet Garrett’s dogs. Any feedback is appreciated…

Suddenly, the Shetland started to bark and the puppy followed suit, earning a stern look from Garrett. “Boys, behave!” he said, but the puppy kept on barking. Van spoke softly, calming the canine down with a gentle tone.

Garrett shrugged his shoulders. “This is why I called you. Not only do these guys need to be walked, they need someone to look in on them during the day. I’m very busy what with working at the observatory and all.”

“What are your dogs’ names?”

“Oh, sorry. I should’ve introduced them. The Sheltie is Jupiter, and the puppy is Neptune. Guys, this is Vanessa Brown.”

“So you named them after planets?” That didn’t surprise Van at all.