Snippet Sunday,1/3,Dogs

Today, January 2, would have been my parents’ 66th anniversary. They met at my mom’s best friend’s wedding. I am planning a Chanukah short story collection that spans three generations. The hero, Noah, and the heroine, Rachelle, of the first story, are loosely based on my mom and dad. I don’t have anything written yet, but I do have the next snippet for “Geek in Disguise,” which I’m trying to finish. Here, we meet Garrett’s dogs. Any feedback is appreciated…

Suddenly, the Shetland started to bark and the puppy followed suit, earning a stern look from Garrett. “Boys, behave!” he said, but the puppy kept on barking. Van spoke softly, calming the canine down with a gentle tone.

Garrett shrugged his shoulders. “This is why I called you. Not only do these guys need to be walked, they need someone to look in on them during the day. I’m very busy what with working at the observatory and all.”

“What are your dogs’ names?”

“Oh, sorry. I should’ve introduced them. The Sheltie is Jupiter, and the puppy is Neptune. Guys, this is Vanessa Brown.”

“So you named them after planets?” That didn’t surprise Van at all.


23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday,1/3,Dogs

  1. Love the dogs and their names! One suggestion–delete “his shoulders” after “Garrett shrugged.” You can’t shrug anything but your shoulders. The same goes for nodding heads. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Veronica. When I was a kid, I always wanted to live in a big old house and have a sheepdog for a pet. I had a dog for about a week, but he chewed up my dad’s boss’s wife’s flower garden (they lived up the street). My parents got me a cat instead, and I just write about dream houses and animal families instead.

  2. Since I am an animal lover (3 cats let us reside here) I like the way Garrett interacts with the dogs and introduces Van to them. And it is nice that she calms them with her voice. Nice snippet.

    & Happy 66th to your parents wherever they may be looking on from (I still wish my parents HA every year too_

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