Snippet Sunday 5/29-Clean sweep

Continuing on from two weeks ago, the latest snippet from “Cinderella Wears Blue Jeans.” This has been edited to fit the line limit and any feedback is appreciated. I’m also working on the sweet historical that takes place in the same town.

I send him a perky smile, just to annoy him. “Never say never.”
“I gave you my card. You didn’t call me for help.”
My smile vanishes. I put my hands on my hips. “Really? You thought I’d call you after you insulted my housekeeping skills? You said my place wasn’t fit for my cats to live in! Besides, if you were so concerned, you could have found me.”
“Owww!” He guides his walker across the room to a royal blue vintage chair. I glance into the kitchen. There are dirty dishes in the sink and wastebaskets filled with paper. The floors need to be mopped—and he’s obviously in serious pain.
“I can’t believe you, Mr. Clean, need a housekeeping service.”
“What I want is a person who has the same standards I do and can take care of the place while I’m incapacitated. That’s not you. Can’t your boss send me somebody else?”
“I told you, I’m the boss. Were my housekeeping skills that bad? Don’t you believe that a little ole slob like me could actually run a cleaning service?”
He looks me up and down with his assessing blue eyes. I stare back at him. “But…”


20 responses to “Snippet Sunday 5/29-Clean sweep

  1. But…? But what? Don’t leave us there!

  2. Time for a reassessment here.

  3. He’s got some major character redeeming ahead of him after treating her this way. Looking forward to seeing how he does it!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy the dialog between these two and the entire concept for the story. Great snippet!

  5. Oh, this is getting good! I think he is going to let her clean for him, after all.

  6. While he isn’t being nice to her, if her place was such a mess maybe she has it coming.

  7. This is just a fun snippet.

  8. Thanks for reading, Elaine–it’s fun to write.

  9. This is getting interesting I wonder what was so bad about her place compared to his and why he can’t do his own cleaning.

  10. But…? But what?! Bad cliffhanger, well, great cliffhanger but, gah! There I finished the “but”. LOL. I love her sass back to him.

  11. Ahhhh!!! Don’t leave us hanging. Omg I want more. Great job on the snippet.

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