Snippet Sunday 6/5-“But…”

For all of you wondering about the cliffhanger…I’m continuing on with my WIP, “Cinderella Wears Blue Jeans.” This is all I have written so unless I get some more done, next week I’ll be posting a snippet from the sweet historical I’m working on that takes place in the same town in Colorado in 1896 (which I hope is now ready for prime time). Thanks in advance for any feedback!

“I got sick. I couldn’t clean my own house, let alone anyone else’s, but it was a temporary setback. As I said, you have to have help. And I need customers because I’m trying to gain back the clients I lost when I was sick. So…”
“I’m sure there are places in Denver I could call.”
“You could, but you’d probably pay a lot more.”
He sighs and stares down at the wooden cane like it’s a medieval instrument of torture. “I’ll give you a week. If I don’t like the job you do, you leave.”
“I guarantee you will love the job I do.”
“We’ll see about that.”


20 responses to “Snippet Sunday 6/5-“But…”

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt

    I believe that was a challenge. 🙂

  2. chellecordero

    You can almost hear her desperation, good snippet.

  3. I love everything about this story so of course I can’t wait for more!

  4. She is persuasive in a very practical way.

  5. He needs to learn a lesson or two, methinks…

  6. I think he’ll see more than he imagines! Great snippet. Tweeted.

  7. I think he will be difficult on purpose. Just to be “right”.

  8. You know that was a challenge. Great snippet.

  9. Oh I think he is going to be quite surprised by her cleaning methods. Love the description of how he stares at the cane!

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