Snippet Sunday 6/12-Sing

I head toward the kitchen. I notice a dishwasher, but I ignore it and start cleaning a skillet and pasta pot. Grease is caked on, and I’m tempted to make a crack. Instead I start singing “Bie Meir Bis Du Schoen,” remembering my mom and grandma, who used to sing when they cleaned.
“What in the world…” Max murmurs.
I stop in mid-song. “I like to sing while I work. It makes the job go faster.”
He rolls his blue eyes at me. He was the first guy I’d ever met who could make an eye roll look sexy. “Why don’t you put the pans in the dishwasher?”
“I like cleaning them by hand.”
“Seems like a lot of extra work.”
I switch songs, deciding on “Over the Rainbow,” and return to cleaning the pans. The singing and the warm soapy water is great therapy. I think I’m going to like this job—if I can manage to hold onto it for more than a week.


11 responses to “Snippet Sunday 6/12-Sing

  1. I’m afraid I’d have been tempted to reply “Why didn’t YOU put them in the dishwasher?” Or maybe half of the singing is so her mouth doesn’t get her in trouble.

  2. Fun snippet. I like her from just this scene. 🙂

  3. Thanks for reading, Joyce–glad you like it!

  4. LOL! Everyone’s a critic. Too cute.

  5. Love her singing while she works. Great snippet. Hope she holds onto the job too. 🙂

  6. Cute exchange! I must agree with her though, singing and music make work go faster, and doing dishes manually can be a great therapy. I’m always singing and playing music when I’m working, no matter what kind of work is it. My smart mouth would have gotten me in trouble instead though.

  7. And now he complains that she is working too much? What the hell, will he ever be happy with what he has?

  8. chellecordero

    Washing dishes in warm/hot sudsy water does seem therapeutic, I can relate.

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