Snippet Sunday, New year, new book

I’ve been working on “Honeysuckle for Honey,” but nothing’s happening with it. I got an idea for a story about Wes’s best friend, Duke. This is really, really raw, so any suggestions will be much appreciated. I have no title yet except something like “Daisies for Duke.” (yuck!)

“Hannah and Arnold Richmond announce the betrothal of their daughter, Emma, to Mr. Duke Madison. Mr. Madison is the proprietor of our own Dannville’s Duke’s Restaurant. Miss Richmond is newly arrived in Dannville…”
Duke Madison glared at the newspaper article, and then at Jillian Bennett, editor of the Dannville Citizen. “Miss Bennett…” he said, staring at the editor, whose eyes flashed with anger. “This announcement is not correct. I don’t know anyone named Emma Richmond and we’re certainly not enegaged.”
“Mr. Madison,” Miss Bennett said, her homespun skirt swishing when she moved. “I am not…”
The door of the newspaper office squeaked when it opened, and a young woman walked in, holding a copy of the Dannville Citizen. “Is the editor here. I’m Emma Richmond. There’s been a mistake.”


21 responses to “Snippet Sunday, New year, new book

  1. I would not want to be Jillian Bennett right now. And I’m pretty sure that Emma’s parents will be getting an earful too, if they submitted the announcement.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, P.T. I wouldn’t want to be Jillian either. This is based on something that actually happened when I was working for a newspaper. Fortunately in the real story, the announcement never got printed.

  3. Gem

    What a neat way to introduce the couple. 😀 I can see this developing into a great story.I already have a glimpse of their personalities–he seems a bit arrogant (his notice of the editor’s “homespun” gown seemed condescending) Emma seemed timid and determined. I like. *typo in the word “engaged”*

  4. Interesting set up…lots of good character details in the snippet!

  5. A fun way to start! I like it.

  6. Karen Michelle Nutt

    I love the setup here. What a way to meet. 🙂

  7. Sounds like the editor is up to something. The title sounds hilarious, but I’d have to read more to know if it would work. Happy writing. 🙂

  8. Cute introduction to a story.

  9. I love this beginning, and of course l want to know how this happened.

  10. Oh my. That’s one heck of a mixup.

  11. I get the feeling this typo of the editor’s is going to be a flash to the future kind of mess up.

  12. Trouble’s brewing all right. Thanks for reading!

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