Snippet Sunday 1/29-Unmarried

Back with this week’s snippet from my sweet historical WIP, “Daisies from Duke.” This is also really raw so any comments are appreciated and it’s been edited to fit the line length.

Duke sent her what he hoped was his most charming smile. It hadn’t impressed the editor, and he had the feeling Emma Richmond wouldn’t be impressed either.
Emma turned back to Jillian Bennett. “You have to take care of this. When I was hired for the position of school teacher, I said I was unmarried.”
The editor looked at the paper, and scanned the announcement. “You’re still unmarried.”
“I indend to stay that way. The school board expects teachers to be unattached. If they read this, I’ll have no job, no money and…” She looked like she might start crying any minute; the toughness she’d shown a few moments ago fading away.
Duke didn’t have any solutions. He wished he could think of a way to solve the problem, but not be shackled for all eternity.


24 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 1/29-Unmarried

  1. You’ve got me wondering what kind of mistake gets her so worked up. Is it a really important mistake? Or does she have a short fuse? Your description makes me lean toward the latter, though I’m withholding judgement.

  2. I’m curious about this ‘mistake’. I have a hunch things will get worse before it all works out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Poor girl! She’s really trying and someone is obviously trying to muck it up. I wonder if there’s an ex-husband in her past that has her so angry and upset over this as well, considering she said she intends to stay unmarried. I also wonder why the school board cares if she’s attached or not, interesting.

    1. Thanks for reading, Daelyn–hmm, an ex-husband? An interesting possibility. I did some research about teachers in that time period and found information about them being unmarried. So she’s got plenty of problems…

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