Snippet Sunday 2/26-Greg

We approach a navy blue and white and white taxi and the driver takes our luggage and puts it in the trunk. I give him our address and a smile crosses his face. “I’m from Dannville myself. I’m Greg. What are your names?”
I can’t help laughing. “My dad’s name is Greg. And since he retired, he drives a cab.”
“I’m named after Grandma and Grandpa,” Ana says. “I’m Gregoriana. Ana for short. And my mom’s name is Priscilla. Cilla for short.”
Greg gives us a crooked grin. “I don’t think I’ve ever met another cab driver named Greg.” He drives toward Dannville where my new life and my past are about to collide. His Dannville Dreamers sits low on his head, making me think of my dad, who loves baseball.
As Greg drives down Main Street, I take in storefronts and their Independence Day displays. In addition to a carnival and other entertainment,there’s a music festival and Oren and his band, Dorp Dead, are the feature act.

17 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 2/26-Greg

  1. Enjoyed the snippet and how we learn he’s going home.
    Greg is my husband’s name. 🙂 Love the Gregoriana for a female. 🙂

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