Snippet Sunday, 3/19-“I called somebody”

Continuing on with a snippet from my WIP, “Yankee Doodle Darling” (Changed the title and I’m still not sure about this one). I’m continuing on from last week when Oren confronted Cilla about not getting in touch with him for ten years. Any feedback is much appreciated–this is really raw. I wrote it when I wasn’t feeling too well.

Cilla takes another bite of her Danish, and a gulp of coffee. The guy who helped me with her when she fell answers his cell phone when it rings. Then he says “Uh, Cilla. I’ve gotta go.”
She smiles at him and and takes another swig of coffee. “Sure. Go.”
“Good luck on the new job. Call me if you need me.” He saunters out of the diner, and Cilla glares at me.
“I called somebody. I’m sure you didn’t give me the wrong number. I didn’t send e-mails because I didn’t have your e-mail address.”
At her smart-aleck comment, I see red. “Cilla, we were so much in love. Why didn’t you keep trying?”
“I did,” she insists. “I left messages with your mom and stepfather. Then I wrote letters to you here at your brother’s house. You didn’t answer. Look, I have to go to work or I’ll be late.” She takes a pen out of her small leather purse and scribbles her phone number on a napkin. “Call me.”


25 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday, 3/19-“I called somebody”

  1. Quite the history between them apparently and oh-so-puzzling why all her attempts to contact him went astray (but I enjoy the mystery because it deepens the plot). Terrific snippet!

  2. I wasn’t expecting that answer! I wonder why no one told him she was trying to get in touch with him. And I’m also a bit shocked she was still willing to give him her number. I think she’s angry and a bit bitter, but I think she also still really loves him.

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