Snippet Sunday-3/26-Ch.2 Cilla’s POV

Back with this week’s snippet from “Yankee Doodle Darling” (still not sur about this title). This is the beginning of Chapter Two and I’m back to Cilla’s POV. Thia ia really raw, so any comments are greatly appreciated. I will try to get to everyone’s snippet tomorrow, but it’s a busy day so it will probably be later in the day.

I can’t believe Oren accused me of not getting in touch with me. He’d visited me in Boston ten years ago on the July 4th weekend. We’d celebrated my Independence Day birthday by creating some fireworks of our own. Thoase had led to my getting pregnant, and the birth of my beautiful Ana. I hadn’t told Oren about Ana because he had never contacted me. Of course, I’d had to leave messages with his mother. I’d never been her favorite person, so it was possible she hadn’t told him about the phone calls. But he should have gotten the letters. When I’d never heard from him again, I figured he’d moved on. He doesn’t know that I’d kept tabs on Dorp Dead, or that I had all of their CDs.
The phone rings as I’m setting out tonight’s dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I wonder if it’s Oren.
“Hi, Grandpa!” Ana’s voice rings out. She tells him about our life in Dannville so far, and then hands the phone to me.
“Hi, honey.” At the sound of my father’s low, raspy voice, I picture him leaning back in his recliner watching a Boston Minutemen game on TV.


20 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday-3/26-Ch.2 Cilla’s POV

  1. I love that last line. Says a lot about her … and I wonder what happened to all her attempts to contact him but never got to him … liking the story so far.
    The first line “not getting in touch with me” … should the last word be him?

  2. Someone or something was definitely intent on keeping them apart. What a mystery. Great backstory, and I love the daughter bit thrown in. I wonder if she’ll ever tell him now.

    Possible edit catch, should the last “me” in the first sentence say “him” instead? It sounds like she was saying she was accused of not getting in touch with herself.

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