Snippet Sunday 6/25-Back from the grave

I’m back and I see that after a bunch of other craziness, Lem (short for Lemon), my computer is giving me trouble trying to post this. I took a break for a while because of all the stuff. Not to say I won’t need to again, but for right now, I’m back. I’m posting from “Daisies from Duke”, my sweet historical WIP. (I finished “Independence Day,” only to learn that the publisher I was going to send it to is closing. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that one yet. Here’s a synopsis of “D from D” since I don’t remember where I stopped.
Emma Richmond is supposed to be the new school teacher in the town of Dannville, colorado, but after seeing an engagement announcement in the Dannville Citizen about herself and restaurant owner, Duke Madison, she’s afraid her career is over. She goes to the newspaper office to argue with the editor and meets Duke. Seeing her distress, Duke suggests she goes to his restaurant so they can figure out what to do now. This snippet takes place at Duke’s restaurant and it’s very raw…any comments would be appreciated.

Emma followed Duke into a red brick building with English Tudor style windows. The scent of cinnamon, apples and vanilla lingered in the air, suddenly making her hungry. Duke led her to a table, and disappeared, supposedly to get her a glass of blackberry lemonade. She had to admit that he was quite handsome, with his curly black hair and brown eyes that held a hint of laughter.
While he was gone, someone else came into the restaurant. As soon as Emma laid eyes on him, she felt a chill. The man was of medium height, stocky, and bald, though he had a black and grey beard and mustache.
“Hello, Emmy.”
The man who’d spoken was her husband. Apparently, Ted Stansbury, who should have been in the graveyard–was very much alive.
A moment later, she felt herself floating downward. Then–nothing.